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Keylogger Virus Details


The Keylogger virus is a very scary virus, It records every key you type into your keyboard and sends it back a hacker.

The Hacker probably expected you to download the cheats, install them then run the game right away to see if it works.   If you did this, the first few keys you pressed were your USERNAME and PASSWORD to SilkRoad Online.  With this information, the hacker can log in and take over your account.

That’s not all.  If you use online banking or enter your credit card information online all this information will be sent to the hacker too. As you can see, this is a very dangerous virus. Any information you typed into your keyboard since you installed the virus is at risk.

For detailed instructions on how to remove this virus and protect your information, click here and follow the step by step instructions.

More Details about the HACKER

On February 28 2006. the Hacker went on the Xion server and maybe others too and boradcast in YELLOW to the whole server that he had cheats for slkroad online on his website located at

The website is very convincing, he obviously put a lot of work into it.

He’s using an anonymous site operated by Taloha Inc. in San Francisco, California. but the tel# is not a US #.  for detailed information about his site click here.

The files are located on the following free download service

The files available on his website are ‘Extra Gold.rar’ ‘extra_skill_point.rar’ and ‘ Mega_drop.rar’ these are actually keylogger Virus’s.

If you extract these files you will get the following files

Extra Gold.exe 43.8 KB
Extra gold.txt   924 bytes
Extra skill points.exe 43.8 KB
Extra skill points.txt 785 bytes
Mega drop.exe  43.8 KB
Mega drop.txt   1.18 KB

Please note, all the .exe files are the same size. They are the Virus files that install the keylogger virus.   When you actually click on these files it looks like nothing happens.  Don’t be fooled! They did install the keylogger virus.
To view the contents of the text files click on the .txt files above and the text will appear in a new window.  The text files do not contain a Virus.
As you can see, he put a lot of effort into his deception.

To remove the virus and protect your information please click here to go to the Solution page.


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