Silk Road

Extra Skill Points Cheat
Extra Gold Cheat &
Mega Drop Hack


If you are reading this page, itís probably because you downloaded a Cheat or Hack for Silk Road Online.

Itís a VIRUS to steal your ACCOUNT!!!.

 Itís a trick to make you download a keylogger VIRUS!! With this virus in your computer everything you type on your keyboard is sent to the hacker, including your username and password to Silkroad Online and any other sites you use.
For more details on the effects of this keylogger virus
click here.

On February 28 2006, someone broadcast in YELLOW text on XION server that a Gold Hack, SP hack and Item Drop cheat was available on his website.  He probably announced the same thing on other servers.  Do not open these files!   If you already opened these files please click here to find the solution to get rid of them.  If you think they didnít work, youíre wrong.  They unleashed a very dangerous VIRUS in your machine.

Click here for more details about the dangers of this lethal virus.

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